We work with and help support professionals who work with the ADHD community, including: 

  • GPs 
  • SENCos, teachers and teaching assistants  
  • Psychiatrists 
  • Psychologists 
  • Occupational therapists   
  • Researchers and academics  

We share information from professionals that might be useful to our community either through our social media following, our Newsletter or through Seminars. If you wish to share research or other relevant information through our channels, read by thousands of local families, please get in touch: info@adhdembrace.org  

Please also join our events such as our Seminars or Teacher Seminars.  Similarly, our website covers a wealth of information on ADHD and we also have an extensive library of videos, which you may find as a useful resource covering a variety of subjects affecting those with ADHD.   

If you are a teacher, teaching assistant or SENco, please join our Facebook group designed to support the teaching community.