How exercise and physical activity shape brain function, cognition, and academic attainment in children with ADHD

Stone Hsieh, Ph.D, Lecturer in Biological Psychology, Kingston University


About this Event

This seminar will give you insights into how different types of exercise and combining physical activity with school lessons can be a brain energizer for children. In particular, Dr Hsieh will also be discussing how exercise and being fit can benefit brain health, cognition (executive function in particular), and academic attainment in ADHD. The talk will not only include scientific evidence supporting the benefit of exercise, physical activity, or being fit but also cover the latest physical activity guidelines in the UK as well as some hands-on activities which parents can learn to support their children.

About the speaker

Stone Hsieh, Ph.D, Lecturer in Biological Psychology, Kingston University

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29th November, 2022 8:00 PM through  9:30 PM
United Kingdom
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Attendee fee £5.00