Our Team

We are governed by a Board of Trustees, our day to day operations are run by our dedicated team with the support of our amazing volunteers and professionals that work with us.

All our Trustees have families with ADHD or related neuro conditions and so fully understand the challenges and opportunities for those with ADHD.   

Annette Wilson – Chair and Founder 

Annette is our Chair of the Board of Trustees.  She set up ADHD Embrace (previously ADHD Richmond & Kingston) in 2002 to create a support community for parents of children and young people with ADHD and to promote a better understanding of ADHD.  She has two children and, as a parent of a son with ADHD, is passionate about providing parents and professionals with knowledge and support to help children and young people with ADHD excel.  

Annette is a chartered accountant and spent her working career in financial services & investment management. Today she is actively involved in the tech start-up and scale-up space. In addition to her involvement with ADHD Embrace, she is also Chair of the Air Cadets, 39F Barnes and Richmond Squadron and previously was school governor and Founding Chair of another local charity.   

Dav Frank – Treasurer 

Dav is our Treasurer and a Trustee of ADHD Embrace, joining us in February 2021.  He has two young boys, one who received an ASD diagnosis at an early age.  He believes that, with the right support, children, parents, families and communities can ensure our neuro diverse groups thrive and not just survive.  Dav has had an extensive career within banking & financial services as COO, CFO and director, also previously served as Treasurer Trustee of CVS Richmond, another key Richmond based charity.  

Clare Mullane – Secretary 

Clare is our Secretary and a Trustee. She been involved with ADHD Embrace since 2018.  She has two children, where her son has ADHD.  With a young family, she is very aware of the challenges of balancing the demands of home and work for ADHD families.  Clare previously worked in a large telecommunications group, where she focused on change management.    

Iain Reid – Trustee

Iain has been involved with ADHD Embrace since around 2010. He has five children and has a son and a daughter with ADHD. He understands the importance of providing different levels of support to children and young people with ADHD as they grow up. He is retired from the business world and when not working for ADHD Embrace is an amateur actor with The Questors Theatre in Ealing.

Miranda Lewis – Trustee

Miranda joined the Board in October 2020.  She has been involved with ADHD Embrace since around March 2020.  She lives in Barnes and has two children; her younger son has ADHD.  Miranda brings extensive experience in research, evaluation and the voluntary sector and has previously served as a Trustee and Chair of CVS Richmond.

Anthony Hewitt – Trustee

Anthony joined the Board in December 2021.  He lives in Hampton and has two boys. He has direct experience of ADHD through his youngest child who has ADHD and Autism. With his 30 years fundraising experience, Anthony has supported the development of a wide range of organisations from charities, hospitals, theatres, cathedrals and political think tanks.

Dr Bozhena Zoritch – Trustee

Bozhena joined the Board in November 2022.  She is a Consultant Paediatrician and has extensive knowledge of ADHD having worked with young people with ADHD in diagnosing and treating them for over twenty five years.  She used to lead one of the largest ADHD clinics in the UK at St Peter’s Hospital and is today in private practice.  Bozhena is an advocate for ADHD and has been involved in giving seminars and teaching on ADHD related topics, setting standards for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and in lobbying for services.  She continues to work in this area and is currently doing research and undertaking a PhD with ADHD as her chosen topic.  Bozhena is passionate about ensuring children with ADHD and their families benefit from well organised public and voluntary services to help them strive and succeed. 

Annette Wilson – Chair and Founder 

Annette provides day to day leadership to the team. This involves working side by side with the Team and being hands on to ensure that its finances, IT, operations and communications activity hangs together and leads our fundraising and advocacy work. This role is performed on a pro bono basis. 

Jenny Cooper – Executive Director

Jenny is our Executive Director overseeing the day to day running of ADHD Embrace.  She has a strong marketing background spanning many years, mainly working in the Financial Services industry. She has been part of the  ADHD Embrace community for many years, initially attending seminars and events as a parent of a child with ADHD and thereafter volunteering by running Saturday parent and child meet-up sessions.  She is passionate about ensuring that children with ADHD, and the community around them, receive the support they need in order to help them thrive. 

Sonja WhitticaseMarketing Manager

Sonja joined ADHD Embrace in 2021 and manages all the marketing and communications activities. Sonja is passionate about spreading the word about the wonderful support ADHD Embrace can offer. Sonja has extensive marketing experience spanning 20 years from multinational brands to running her own small business. 

Tracey Conn – Development Manager

Tracey joined us in 2021 to ensure the integrity of ADHD Embrace’s user and financial data. In her role she is responsible for the Charity’s IT, financial and fundraising infrastructure. Tracey has over 20 years experience as a business analyst and business manager in the financial services sector. More recently she worked a director of an IT consultancy company. She has a personal interest ADHD and is grateful to be able to contribute to a charity that advocates and educates for and on behalf of people with ADHD .

Jemma Davis – Operations Coordinator

Jemma is our Operations Coordinator and will be one of the first points of contact for all of our community who contact us through our inbox – often seeking help, support and guidance. She is a mother to three children, with her teenage son having ADHD and has a passion for helping others and providing parents with the best information to help with their ADHD journeys – having gone through it all herself..

Sallie Crook – Schools and Community Outreach Manager

Sallie is the pillar of our Schools Outreach Programme, going into to talk to schools about ADHD and running our special Closed Facebook Forum for Teachers, our confidential, community for Teaching Staff. Sallie believes that through training and greater awareness, teaching staff and schools could better identify and understand ADHD. She has direct experience of ADHD in schools as she is the parent of a son who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 15 after many years of challenges at school. Sallie also volunteers with community fundraising.

Claire Burnell – Family Support

Claire leads our Family Support work which involves running Post Diagnosis workshops for parents of newly diagnosed children, running various other workshops and seminars and provides one-to-one advice clinics for families. She has over 20 years’ experience of working with children and young people with ADHD.  Prior to joining ADHD Embrace, Claire worked as an ADHD Coach and SEMH support in a large inner city secondary school.  Her prior experience also includes working as an PSHE and Educational Consultant and as a primary school teacher. Claire is a champion for ADHD awareness actively promoting the interests of young people with ADHD by working with them, their families and the school to help them to thrive.

Our organisation could not run without the help of our volunteers!  We hugely benefit from the immense skills and contributions that they make to us, which are varied and diverse.  Some have a family connection to ADHD, whilst others have learnt more about the condition through their voluntary work for us. 

We always welcome new volunteers and strive to match the skills and time of volunteers to the tasks that need doing.  If you are willing to help or know of anyone that would be interested in volunteering, please see our current vacancies or email us at info@adhdembrace.org – there may be an opportunity for you that is not advertised!  We provide great opportunities, a fun working environment and a fulfilling sense of understanding and contribution into the world of ADHD and neurodiversity.

Meet just some of our volunteer team:

  • Name: Clair Sullivan 
  • Role: IT  Volunteer

Why does Clair volunteer for us? Clair is a mum of a son with ADHD and has been involved with ADHD since 2019.

Clair was ADHD Embrace’s first employee and although she is no longer an employee since moving to New Zealand, she is still a volunteer with us. She led the build of our IT platform including the development of our integrated booking system and CRM to support our activities as we grew.  The transformation of our digital platform was a significant development for us and we wouldn’t be able to operate without the platform she has worked tirelessly to create.

  • Name: George Tate
  • Role: Video Editing Volunteer

Why does George volunteer for us? George was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and wanted to help children with ADHD, whose struggles he once lived through himself.

George has been involved in video production ever since he was making films with friends back in school, and has been supporting us with the management and editing our video recordings of the many webinars we produce. “Having been diagnosed with ADHD as a child and then again as an adult, I understand first-hand the difficulties that people have dealing with ADHD, and that’s why I was eager to take on the opportunity to be a part of ADHD Embrace and help those people in need.”

  • Name:  Susana Gonzalez
  • Role:    Schools outreach programme

Why does Susana volunteer for us?  When Susana’s son got diagnosed with ADHD, she went on a steep learning curve to understand the ADHD brain – she found the resources of ADHD Embrace – the Facebook group, webinars and meet ups – immensely informative and supportive.

Susana teaches Chemistry at secondary school level and volunteers with ADHD Embrace as part of its Schools Outreach programme to raise awareness of ADHD and ADHD Embrace’s work with families and professionals amongst teachers in local schools.

  • Name: Tamsin Crook
  • Role: Meet-ups Volunteer

Why does Tamsin volunteer for us? Tamsin is a parent of children of children with ADHD and became involved with ADHD Embrace after she got so much from the seminars during the early days of her kids’ diagnoses.

Tamsin is the mother of teens now and leads our Meet-up for the parents of teens, which has been very well attended thanks to the success of her forum. “It’s so helpful for parents to be able to talk to other parents in a similar situation. It’s nice to be able to give back to an organisation that supports so many people.”

  • Name: Christine Okotie
  • Role: Administration Ad hoc

Why does Christine volunteer for us? Christine came from outside the ADHD Community but quickly learnt about

Christine started volunteering for ADHD Embrace in 2021 and is providing administrative support to our Operations Manager. She has over 20 years’ experience in retail and as a beneficiary of the wonderful service of the NHS, she has always wanted to give back to the larger community.  “ADHD Embrace is such an invaluable support to the community.”

  • Name: Dawn Lewis 
  • Role: Newsletter writing

Why does Dawn volunteer for us? Dawn is a parent of children with ADHD and was also diagnosed herself in her 40s.

Following her late ADHD diagnosis in her 40s – after reading and learning obsessively about ADHD and autism in order to support her own children – Dawn wanted to give back to the ADHD community by volunteering for the communications team. She has been an invaluable asset in contributing to the newsletter which goes out to hundreds of families every month.

  • Name: Fatima Alroubai
  • Role: Finance Administration

Why does Fatima volunteer for us? Her eldest son has ADHD and joining the charity helped her to understand more about ADHD and access all the resources available to her has ‘opened my eyes on how to deal with my son’.

Fatima joined the finance team in April 2021 and has been an invaluable contributor ever since. She has two children of thirteen and fifteen.

  • Name: Tami Rocco
  • Role: Meet-ups Volunteer

Why does Tami volunteer for us? She believes that ADHD Embrace provides an invaluable service and has direct experience of ADHD as one of her two children was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 9. She also works as a health adviser in a sexual health clinic providing safeguarding assessments, advise, signposting and emotional support to patients who attend our service and their partners.

  • Name: Marc Masegur
  • Role: Finance

Why does Marc volunteer for us? Marc arrived from Spain in 2018 and was keen to get to know his local community and began volunteering with ADHD Embrace supporting our finance record keeping until recently.” Volunteering for ADHD R&K is a great opportunity to be involve in a wonderful charity with a huge value for many people. When I started as a volunteer it was a small and proud association, now it becomes a really valuable charity. During all this process, I have learnt a lot and I feel very glad of it. ​“

  • Name:  Comfort Eboh
  • Role:     Fundraising ad hoc volunteer

Why does Comfort volunteer for us?  Comfort is a former teacher and has taught children with ADHD and wanted to volunteer for a charity that she could see was making a difference and also to gain experience in project management.   

Comfort has worked with us on an ad hoc basis on various projects, which fit in with her other work commitments.  The main focus of her volunteering was to liaise with a number of the retail platforms that support charities to raise money.   

  • Name:  Jonathan Rourke
  • Role:     Education Liason

Why does Jonathan volunteer for us?  Jonathan has been helping us since 2018 and served n the Board of Trustees until August 2020. He is an expert in supporting families of children with additional needs.

Jonathan is involved as our Education Liaison lead volunteer.  He is a guru in all things education and SEN. His knowledge has helped countless families in Richmond and Kingston over the years.