#ADHD Richmond visits @LBRUT @EastSheenSchool as part of #teaching campaign

#ADHD Richmond visits @LBRUT @EastSheenSchool as part of #teaching campaign

Our Support Group team member, Nathan Sears, whose Mum founded the Group 21 years ago, paid a visit to East Sheen Primary School on Monday.

His appearance is part of our school’s programme to help others understand about ADHD and what their peers, who have the condition, are going through whilst in the classroom.

ADHD Richmond works closely with all our local schools in the Borough; forging a strong working relationship with SENCOs and teachers.

If you’d like us to visit your school please email: info@adhdrichmond.org

Our SEN lawyer, Eva Akins, has developed a document called 101 reasonable Adjustments for ADHD which guides you through what you can expect for your ADHD student in mainstream or specialist school.

You can find more about education on our website @ https://adhdembrace.org/school