Meet the #ADHD Richmond steering group @

Meet the #ADHD Richmond steering group @

Our steering group is made up of parents with ADHD children. It gives its mandate to act on all matters and to speak on its behalf to the Lead, Val Ivens, who is an ADHD coach.

Val Ivens:  speaks to parents of children & young people, who are concerned about ADHD, every day and has done so for over 20 years. Val has a journalist daughter with a disability and special educational needs. Val trained as an adhd coach, studied counselling skills, sat on national ADHD associations, lobbied government on the Code of Practice and has a specialist interest in the neurodevelopmental origins of the condition. She campaigns vigorously in working with local service providers to bring about change. Her previous career was in intergovernmental negotiations.

Alastair Yates: manages all our media and communications and has a teenage son with ADHD. He is almost single-handedly responsible for our brand new shiny “Handbook of Services”. Alastair ensures our web site, Twitter and Facebook feeds cover all of the most up-to-date stories and advice. He often hosts the groups and videos our speakers. Alastair is a media guru and is a former presenter for BBC News and  Sky News

Eva Akins: is a specialist education solicitor, who is also a parent of a son with ADHD. It is through Eva we are  fortunate to hold our meetings at the offices of solicitors Russell-Cooke in Kingston. Eva is a very notable Special Educational Needs lawyer; her knowledge on the specific law is truly extensive. Eva speaks internationally and is a highly effective advocate for children’s rights. Eva is also a regular speaker at our Talks and is always at our meetings to answer your SEN questions. She is also a trained volunteer for IPSEA, an education charity supporting SEN.

Gill Sears:  founded the group and is a trained peripatetic teacher. She is a mine of information and has raised two sons with ADHD. Gill was so determined that parents should never feel alone and should always have someone to talk to that she set about forming this group. She has worked hard to see us expand; creating the successful and much-needed group we are today.

Nicky Parr: is a parent with two children diagnosed with ADHD, a son and a daughter. She is also a hugely dedicated teacher with a specialist interest in ADHD and all aspects of education. Nicky also works as a learning support teacher and is familiar with the type of assistance schools can and perhaps should be implementing to support your child’s learning. Nicky is often at our meetings to offer her valued experience and knowledge

Geraldine Salt: has experienced the highs and lows of bringing up a son with ADHD. She has a deep understanding of the condition and offers a considered voice to our planning strategies. Her career is in managing projects and committees in international standardisation development. Geraldine hosts our evening Talks and you can chat with her at any of these

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