. @richmondgpooh offer our #ADHD handbook http://ow.ly/3sRG306zZ2O Donate @ http://www.bit.ly/2dY6f31

. @richmondgpooh offer our #ADHD handbook http://ow.ly/3sRG306zZ2O  Donate @ http://www.bit.ly/2dY6f31

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is a common problem among children and can make parenting even more of a challenge. ADHD Richmond provides support and advice on all aspects of dealing with ADHD. Their website has up-to-date news on events and courses, as well as guidelines on what ADHD is and funding available to help families and individuals dealing with the condition. They answer any questions you could have, and provide you with contacts for anything they are not able to deal with directly.