. @littlegemtv seeks #ADHD families for @sky1 prog.

@littlegemtv seeks #ADHD families for @sky1 prog.

The programme will tell the story of six families over the course of 5 years.

They want to capture and embrace each family’s journey – the highs, the lows, the challenges and the joys of family life over this time period.
It is very rare for a documentary series to film for this period of time. It means the family and their story can be fully explored; the challenges that unite its members will be captured, their most difficult times and their happiest moments. What is especially exciting is that the programme will provide an opportunity to chart the personal journey of a family living with ADHD in a genuine and organic way, and with family at the core.

If you would like to share your individual journey or feel your story could help raise awareness of the condition, please call Ellie on the number below. She would love to hear from you and is very happy to answer your questions and explain the programme in more detail.

Ellie Scott-Dalgleish
Casting Assistant Producer

T: + 44 20 3603 9792
M: + 44 779 6694533
E: elliescott-dalgleish@littlegem.tv
A: G18-20 Shepherds Building, Charecroft Way, London W14 0EE