#ADHD Richmond on @BBCRadio4 9pm Dec 6 w/ @MaudsleyNHS

#ADHD Richmond on @BBCRadio4 9pm Dec 6 w/ @MaudsleyNHS

In All in the Mind Claudia Hammond interviews Professor Phillip Asherson from the Maudsley Hospital on his research into ADHD and mind wandering.

Investigating the link, Professor Asherson says” it’s still a hypothesis but based very much on the experience of people with ADHD, that mindwandering is at the core and leads to the behavioural problems that we use to determine the diagnosis”

Professor Asherson has developed a clinical scale to measure the amount of mind wandering in ADHD which in the future might be used as a diagnostic test.

Also Talia and Josie, who both have ADHD, explore with Val Ivens from ADHD Richmond how their daydreaming affects their lives