CBT advice, workshops & free books #ADHD

CBT advice, workshops & free books #ADHD

Dr Jade Smith talked to our Group this week about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and you can find lots of her resources and workshops at Psychology Services Ltd  Here’s a link to her new book on Adapting CBT for Children with ADHD

You may download this free ebook on Cognitive Behaviour Intervention  and this free Workbook from Pesky Gnats

or try this online payable course from Brave Online

This is what the Manager at CAMHS Richmond says “CBT is offered at T3 CAMHS and at T2 provided by the AFC Emotional Health Service, as part of the evidence-based practice care pathway. Referral to CAMHS is via the AFC website. We assess and discuss with families the interventions available, based on assessment and need. CBT is part of what is available.”

Find a therapist here … and our Friends at The Effra Clinic offer CBT