Thanks @RyanSwainTV for your poem. RT/share with credit please

Thanks @RyanSwainTV for your poem. RT with credit please


Through out my life I have always asked my self what’s wrong with me, I never saw it has as a problem but I have a deficiency

That’s hyperactive, attention starving, constantly thinking things
My brain and body goes so fast, sometimes I’m flying with out wings.

Being Passionate, dedicated, I’m loyal to my smile,
I’m proud to be like this, I think it’s all worth while

Happiness is always in my heart and it never will be lost
The one thing in my life that is priceless to it’s cost

Channeled my energy into positive things, helping others is my life, But now this vibe inside my soul sometimes can cause me strife

The more I look at myself I rapidly begin to see
I should be more relaxed and shouldn’t think so profoundly

As a kid I’d wonder off into the street and always dance and sing
Be complemented on my charisma and all the joys I’d bring.

But today it’s hit me and to the world I’ve now confessed
It’s time for change, I’ve had my fun from whom it was conceived at blessed

Now I know that god can be the only judge of me
But I’d like to thank my friends, fans and family

For they have made me see the light on what life is worth to me
Nothing will ever change the way I am or my personality
Through others I being to see
And I want to be more relaxed and take life more casually

The class clown, never in between up and down was always making jokes. I’d have special people in my class and they’d be taking notes.

I’m no coward not frightened of facing my fears
Big and strong with a heart of gold that’s whats underneath my tears.

To everyone that feels this way you should all be so proud,
Don’t ever be ashamed to say it you should ALL shout it out loud.

You have something that others have yet to find,
ADHD is not always bad it’s how you perceive it in your mind.

If you ever want some help or advice please come and talk to me. Because I know what it’s like deep inside inside to live with ADHD!