5 Ways To Earn Better Grades Even If You Have #ADHD

5 Ways To Earn Better Grades Even If You Have #ADHD

It is not an easy experience to study when you have attention deficit disorder. It is especially difficult when you are trying to study on the night before your exams. Various studies have proved that a normal student is different from a student who has ADHD or ADD, and the ones suffering from this condition do not need to study more.

Rather, they have to study in a completely different manner. When you do not get the grades that you expected even after putting so much effort into it, it can be depressing.

Here are five tips that will ensure you get better grades easily, as suggested by many English tutors.

  1. Reviewing The Notes Before Sleeping

Your exams are getting closer and you have been studying the entire week. Unfortunately, you have difficulty in remembering the things that you have already learned.

Researchers have proved that if you can review the entire portion that you have studied for around fifteen minutes before sleeping, you will remember everything when you wake up the next day. Your brain is capable of processing information when you sleep.

  1. Exercise Regularly

You might not be aware of this but if you indulge in aerobic exercises daily for only thirty minutes, your focus and concentration power will increase. When you exercise, your brain also works out along with you.

Most of the exercises help in this case. However, you can try tai chi as well as ballet, and yoga, which require you to focus on the mind and body.

  1. Using The Nose For Studying in a Better Manner

This might sound surprising, but the smell is one of the most powerful tools for studying. Studies have revealed that if you get the same smell when you are sleeping and studying, it allows you to remember more.

You can keep a small quantity of essential oil or peppermint, as they can help in relieving stress. Your brain will be able to associate with the things that you have studied.

  1. Taking Naps And Breaks

In order to retain more information, you need to sleep for almost nine hours daily, or even more if you are still in your teens. You should take a power nap for thirty minutes every afternoon, but ensure that it is not more than that, as it can interfere with your night’s sleep. You should also take breaks between the sessions.

These breaks will permit your brain to review the information, but you will not be aware of this. The English tutors dealing with students who have ADHD or ADD provide them with little breaks, so that they can process the information that has been taught to them when it recognizes the smell.

  1. Sipping A Drink

It is necessary that you drink something sweet, as it provides a supply of glucose to the body. Glucose is believed to be the fuel of your brain, and if your brain does not get enough glucose, it will not be able to remember a single portion that you have studied.

However, make sure that you are not overloading your system with sugar, or it might be harmful. Also, you should sip the drink, not gulp it down. Try apple juice, it helps in improving both mood and focus.

If you have ADHD, chances are you will always experience difficulty in coping up with your studies. Ensure that you take into consideration these five unique methods. You will be surprised to see amazing results.

Annabelle Fee, who wrote this article for ADHD Richmond,  is part of the Content and Community team at SmileTutor, sharing valuable content to their own community and beyond