Slides from our recent talk ‘Navigating School with ADHD’ with Eva Akins

Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to let you know we now have the slides from our recent talk ‘Navigating School with Adhd’ with specialist SEN lawyer Eva Akins.

You can find the slides here along with other material from previous talks.

Upcoming talks include:

Thursday 7th November 7pm
Managing Sensory Overloads and OT with Charlotte O’Reilly

Tuesday 9th November 11am
The Role of Educational Psychologists in ADHD

Thursday 5th December 7pm
Managing Family Dynamics in the Holidays with Aerian Gray and Joy Marchese

Tuesday morning talks are followed by a coffee hour where you can meet and chat with other parents and carers. We do hope you are able to join us.


The ADHD R & K Team