Thank you to our volunteers!

Volunteer Week celebrates the contribution of millions of people across the UK through volunteering. We have been fortunate to have hugely benefited from the experience and significant time commitment of our volunteer Trustees, our Family Support worker and our recently appointed Operations Manager. Read about them here. We have also had a variety of dedicated volunteers join us to support us in our mission. We’d like to recognise the work that our volunteers do and how they contribute to our charity, we’d also like to say a heartfelt thank you to them all.

Meet some of our volunteers: 

Geraldine Salt image

Geraldine Salt
Multiple roles

My now adult son was diagnosed with ADHD at seven years old following which I was fortunate to be directed towards this group. It was really helpful to meet other parents who were finding bringing up a child with ADHD equally challenging and my son and I benefited greatly from this group’s support and its access to specialist knowledge. At the time I was always too busy to volunteer but as my son grew older and needed less of my time I was glad to be able to give something back. I enjoy meeting the other parents and volunteers as well as getting involved in the seminars as there is still so much to learn.

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in about 2015 when I joined the committee but I started volunteering more regularly in 2017 when I began helping out at the evening seminars and was Secretary for about two years.

Marc Masegur image

Marc Masegur

I arrived here [London] 1 year ago and I was looking for a good way to integrate into the British culture while I was not working. This opportunity allowed me to help people at the same time as improving my English. 

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in June 2019.

LinkedIn: Marc Masegur Masó

Cindy image

Cyndy Chua

Volunteering for ADHD R&K is an opportunity to get to meet people from all walks of life and to be part of a community. Most importantly it is a cause that is dear to me as I have a kid who has ADHD. I understand the struggles that parents and carers experience daily and like to be able to use my skills to help them.

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in June 2019.

Linkedin: Cindy Chua

Melanie image

Melanie Delaroche
Communications Lead

I’ve worked with corporate companies and startups for about four years, supporting Communications efforts and the building of brands that feel true to their audience. After completing my Masters in Advertising, I left my previous position to focus my career towards charity organisations and the support of social movements. 

I have been lucky to meet and build relationships with people with ADHD, and came across ADHD R&K a few months ago while searching for an exciting new opportunity. I could contribute to messaging and values I believe in: knowledge, advocacy, and empowerment.  

My work as Communications Lead has allowed me to start building a strategy for growth – whether an increase in event participation, online presence, valuable content creation – in collaboration with incredible minds and personalities in the Communications team and the charity as a whole. I’m excited to be part of ADHD Richmond and Kingston’s journey and strive to deliver practical resources to parents, carers, and children. 

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in March 2020.

Linkedin: Melanie Delaroche

Dan Foley image

Dan Foley
Website & IT development

I’m Dan, I’ve worked in digital publishing for the last 15 years. I’ve written for a broad spectrum of titles, from NME to Country Life. I’ve worked at small startups and the UK’s biggest publishers and hope my experience will be of service to the great work being done at ADHD Richmond & Kingston.

I found out about the charity through Reach Volunteering and felt like this was a great project that I could support in its current stage of growth. I’ll be particularly focused on helping build a bigger and better web service for our users this year.

Liva Puce image

Liva Puce
Video editor & producer

Hi, I’m Liva. I am a filmmaker, video producer and photographer and have lived and worked in many countries and tried out many other professions before finding my true passion. I have been working as a video producer at King’s College London for 4 years. Last year I worked on a course about ADHD and learned a lot about it in the process. 

I got diagnosed in November last year and that changed my life. I promised myself that I will do everything I can to raise awareness of ADHD as it is very misunderstood. And awareness could save lives the way it saved mine. This is what led me to apply to the video producer position and contribute to a charity like ADHD Richmond and Kingston.

I am really excited to be part of the wonderful team at ADHD R&K. Looking forward to raising awareness, educating, empowering parents and young people with ADHD and breaking some stereotypes along the way.  

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in April 2020.

LinkedIn: Liva Puce

Faye Waters image

Faye Waters
Fundraising Volunteer

I’m currently on furlough from my role as community fundraiser at Marie Curie so was searching for a charity to volunteer for. I’ve got personal experience in my family of adult ADHD. Through this experience I’ve found that there is little support for ADHD locally (both child and adult) where I live so felt this was a cause that resonated with me.

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in May 2020.

LinkedIn: Faye (Faye Cryer) Waters

Rebecca Azad image

Rebecca Azad
Content Writer

Hello! I’m Rebecca and I’m a Content Writer at ADHD R&K. I have a background in communications, project management and event management. I enjoy content writing and was thrilled to hear about the opportunity to raise awareness of this important cause by writing website and social media content for ADHD R&K. 

I was drawn to volunteering for ADHD R&K as I admire their cause in ensuring that parents and professionals are given the support they need. I’m excited to work closely with the team and to learn more about the positive impact ADHD R&K are making. 

I started with ADHD Richmond and Kingston in May 2020.

If you’d like to learn more of what I do, please do connect with me on LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Rebecca Azad

George Tate

George Tate
Video Editor

Hey, I’m George! I have been involved in video production ever since I was making films with friends back in school, and it’s now great to be able to have the chance to produce videos after studying film at university and working professionally as a video editor.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD as a child and then again as an adult, I understand first hand the difficulties that people have dealing with ADHD, and that’s why I was eager to take on the opportunity to be a part of ADHD R&K and help those people in need.

I look forward to working with the team, helping to produce content to help make it easier to understand something that is often overlooked and misunderstood for parents, young people and everybody alike.

LinkedIn: George Tate

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