Self-care and wellbeing

At ADHD Richmond and Kingston, we take our self-care and wellbeing seriously. To support our families and members we need to stay well and strong. Here are some of the ways our board of trustees have been keeping mentally and physically healthy.

Here is our Chair, Annette, taking her lovely dog Bonnie for a walk in her local area. “My daily walk with our miniature poodle Bonnie, is a “must do” for my self-care. Where I live in Barnes, I am surrounded by many leafy paths where Bonnie and I love walking to get fresh air, and exercise.”

Clare, our Secretary, likes to get out with her family. “I like to spend my ‘me time’ getting out and about with my family. My hope is that I restore my energy whilst burning off theirs!”

Iain, our Treasurer, also takes time out to walk his dog, and he makes time for restorative yoga. His favourite posture is Savasana, where he recharges for the rest of the day.

Miranda, one of our new Trustees, loves to share the stress of her day with her note book, a hot cup of tea and the purring of her lovely new kitten snuggled up in her lap.

Tim, also new to our team of trustees, shares his downtime with man’s best friend.

The best way to support our children is to ensure we have energy and resilience to support them but also to help keep them positive and enthusiastic about life.  Here are some of our ideas for ways to support your wellbeing

  1. Re-energizing your body and your mind at home
  • Sign up for some on-line classes of yoga , pilates or meditation – here are just a few examples Gaia Yoga, alomoves and moreyoga.
  • Why not download an app to help you meditate, or learn more about mindfulness with a free course, such as Mindfulness Daily
  • Do an on-line HITT class or Zumba for a fun way to de-stress
  1. Getting fresh air to clear your head and also get some exercise
  • Go for a run or walk the dog
  • Meet a friend for a walk
  • Do a bike ride in all the wonderful green spaces we have in our Boroughs
  • Spend a few hours in the garden – weeding or pruning can be very relaxing to clear the head
  1. Have fun with your loved ones
  • Making time for a fun family activity outside the house that everyone will enjoy and can join in
  • Watching an episode of your favourite comedy, 
  • Watch a movie and order pizzas as a treat
  • Baking can be great fun and also there is the reward of eating something delicious
  • Eating your favourite food can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. 
  1. Reaching out to family and friends
  • Set up a WhatsApp group so you can check in on friends and family and share with them what is happen at your house
  • Organise a zoom quiz
  • Do a zoom call with the grandparents and let the kids choose things what they want to tell them

If you would like to share the things you and your families are doing to keep you healthy and energised, then you can share on our Twitter account or our Facebook group. Take care and stay healthy.