Managing challenging behaviour

Online resources for understanding and managing your child’s challenging behaviour.

Living with challenging behaviour can be tiring and frustrating.

First, it is worth reminding ourselves of why challenging behaviour presents itself so often with children diagnosed with ADHD. Once we have been reminded of the why, it can become easier to see what might be causing any emotional outbursts.

Why do children with ADHD have behaviour issues?

  1. Article:ADHD and Behaviour Problems
    Here’s an article from the Child Mind Institute looking at why ADHD kids can be prone to behaviour problems.
  2. VIDEO: Behaviour and ADHD
    Watch this video of Andrew Swartfigure, behaviour analyst, talking to us about behaviour and ADHD.
  3. VIDEO: Adolescence, Emotions & Relationships
    This recording of Dr Alex Doig, CAMHS psychiatrist, looks at adolescence and the impact this may have on depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

What can we do to manage behaviour?

  1. Article: Strategies for Managing ADHD Behaviour
    This article from Everydayhealth gives some simple strategies for managing ADHD behaviour generally.
  2. Article: Angry Kids: Dealing With Explosive Behaviour
    This article from the Child Mind Institute deals with more problematic behaviour.
  3. Booklet: Understanding and Managing ADHD
    Put together by the ADHD Foundation this booklet gives lots of suggestions on general management as well as dealing with difficult situations

Looking after yourself and others

Do remember, life is constantly changing and there will no doubt be peaks and troughs in terms of behaviour and your relationship. Try to keep perspective and remember that you are trying your best. Do also look after yourself. ADHD can be tiring for everyone, be mindful about looking after yourself and other family members too. Managing your own mood is essential if you are to help your child manage theirs. See our page on stress.