Upcoming webinars we recommend

There’s lots of webinars popping up on a range of topics both related to COVID19 and not. We’ll list them here.

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Upcoming webinars from others

Monday 18th May, 10am
Sleep and Special Needs
From RUILS (Richmond Residents only) Join RUILS virtual workshop on Zoom and hear from Mark Brown who will explore the difficulties associated with sleep and children with special needs, as well as some neuro-typical children, and provide some general ideas and approaches towards getting better sleep. Mark Brown is a Special Needs Advisor and founder of Special Help 4 Special Needs. Click here to book a free place 

Thursday 21st May 2:15pm
Sleep and developing positive sleep routines.
From Witherslack Group: Presented by Emma Weaver, Director of Early Years Services, ADHD Foundation. Click here to register

Monday 1 June, 8pm
Stress Strategies for Coping in these Uncertain Times
From RUILS (Richmond Residents only) We are living in very strange and unusual times, and many of us are understandably feeling huge anxiety. This online Zoom session with Zara Simmonds, a Just Relax coach, will show you some simple, effective and highly beneficial ways that will help you stay calm, and less stressed, during this incredibly uncertain time. 
Click here to book a free place

Monday June 8th 6pm
Learning, Fun, Free Time: How to Balance and Structure the Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer for Children with ADHD
A free expert webinar from ADDITUDE to learn how to add balance and structure during summer for children with ADHD. Sign up and you will receive the free webinar replay link after as well!