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Please read ‘Elsie’s’ story below, to see how our work can really make a difference to families, and consider making a regular donation to support our continued service delivery.

Elsie’s son is now 16; he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 10. At the time, her son attended a very nurturing, supportive primary school. Everything changed when he started secondary school and the family would get phone calls every day from school due to behavioural issues and he even ran away from school. The GP referred the family to us and we put Elsie on our free Post-diagnosis workshop. She was provided with information about EHCPs and began to better understand and navigate the system for her son. She has attended many of our specialist seminars which have given her the information and confidence she has needed to make decisions about medication and support for her son. Through understanding his condition, she has been able to help him more. She developed confidence in dealing with his school and making sure he had support in place to access his education. Elsie also got support from the other parents she met on our Parent Meet ups, which has helped her enormously.

Two years after his diagnosis, Elsie’s son is much happier and the whole family is under much less pressure. He has discovered a passion which has meant he has been able to recently leave school and pursue it as a vocation.   

Elsie’s story is not unusual. Parents of children with ADHD struggle with the challenge of helping their child navigate their education, food, sleep, social relationships, treatment choices, self-esteem, anxiety and more. We have helped over 600 families with our parent workshops and advice clinics and had over 1,100 participants attend our specialist ADHD seminars in the last 2 years alone.  Similarly, our monthly Meet ups for parents are invaluable for them to connect with each other and we also have seen 17,000 users visit our website in the last year to access the useful resources provided. 

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