Minutes and AGM Notes

Feedback on the AGM held on 9 May 

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM. It was good to share our plans for the year ahead, get input from members and importantly to network afterwards and enjoy the refreshments that were kindly provided by Waitrose and Partners.

In the last year we held 17 information seminars, 52 families attended our post diagnosis seminars and we expanded the one-to-one coaching to Kingston after receiving funding for this. We also continued our active engagement with the Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston on the educational and healthcare support provided to ADHD children and young people. We now have 656 members made up of 566 parents and carers and 90 professionals. With this strong membership, we have a voice.

The Management Committee comprising Annette Wilson (Chair), Geraldine Salt (Secretary), Iain Reid (Treasurer) and Jonathan Rourke (Education Liaison), were re-elected at our AGM.  With Alastair Yates sadly passing away, it was a tough period for the group and thanks to the remaining Management Committee and newly recruited volunteers, ADHD Richmond and Kingston has been able to survive.  We have formed a Steering Committee made up of the Management Committee and core volunteers that now deal with the day-to-day management of activities.

We have exciting plans for the future and our priority for the next year is to expand our volunteers and also increase our fundraising.We welcome any additional support but in particular there are two key volunteering roles that need to be filled; our administrator and our deputy treasurer. We have a flyer providing more details.  Should you have an interest in either of these roles or have someone in mind that may be suitable please email chair@adhdrichmond.org

In addition if you are able to post our flyer in the community please also email us.  

In the last year, we received two grants which funded the post diagnosis workshops and the one-to-one coaching in Kingston. We were also supported by Heatham House that generously allow us to use their facilities to hold our bi-monthly information seminars and Russell Cooke that make their premises available for our post diagnosis seminars.  The rest of our activities are funded with the donations from our members.

We thank you all for your support over the last year. The presentation from the AGM, the financial statements and the minutes of the meeting are available on request from chair@adhdrichmond.org