ADHD talks and seminars

Talks and Seminars

We are very lucky to have a range of speakers come and share with us their knowledge around ADHD. Come along and find out a wealth of information ranging from sleep to medication to behaviour management and more.

ADHD Richmond and Kingston have suspended in-person seminars for the moment, however, we will continue to deliver the seminars through video conferencing facilities. Registrants will be emailed the dial in details and the pin for the video conference the day before the seminar. We are very keen for participants to have registered on our database. Please click on this link to do so. The data is captured in-line with our privacy policy and is needed to provide our funders with aggregated user information. To register for any of our talks please visit our Eventbrite page. Where possible, and with the permission of the speaker, we will record our webinar videos so that they may be viewed at a later time and date.

To see useful material from previous talks visit this page.


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