Classroom support for primary school children with ADHD

Join us on Thursday 4th May 2020 at 8.15pm for a webinar on ‘Classroom support for primary school children with ADHD’ with Soli Lazarus: A talk for parents, teachers and teaching assistants about how to manage ADHD in the classroom.

Soli Lazarus has a wealth of experience when it comes to ADHD and schools. Not only is she a parent of an ADHD child herself (now grown up), she is also a qualified teacher of 30 years and has been a SENCO at a large primary school in London. Soli founded Yellow Sun to support families and adults who have ADHD with the aim to give individuals and families much needed TLC and to bust the stigma of ADHD. Soli is passionate about busting the ADHD stigma and attends the All-Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD in Parliament.
Find Soli and Yellow Sun here:
And her ADHD podcast here:

We will have another talk to discuss secondary schools with Soli on 4th June 2020. Find details here.

You can also see previous webinars on our new YouTube channel. We are currently in the process of migrating videos over from our old YouTube channel but whilst we’re doing that you can still find our older videos here.