Extended outdoors time for SEN kids

We’d like to share this information we have received from Richmond Parent Carer Forum regarding lockdown restrictions and SEN.

‘It hasn’t been widely reported, but the Government changed the lockdown restrictions for those with additional needs on 9th April to allow them to exercise outside of the home 2-3 times a day and to travel to an appropriate location in order to do so.  The guidance remains that you should only do this if it is necessary for your child/ren’s welfare and that you should maintain social distancing whenever you are away from home.  We were concerned that parents were not aware of these changes and might be worried about being challenged if they took their children out more than once a day.  We are very happy to report than AfC have heard us and have worked very swiftly to produce a letter proving that your child or young person is eligible for more outdoor time.  You can register for this by filling out a short form here:


We have tested the form for children with SEN support at school and EHCPs and we received our letters within 24 hours (although please allow 2 days for them to come through as more applications come in).

AfC have also co-ordinated with the local police service and officers will be briefed about this process.’

Just to be clear, the extended outdoors time is for SEN children in all areas, the letter is for children in Richmond and Kingston.