We have rebranded: changing our name to ADHD Embrace

We are excited to announce our rebranding which has involved changing our name to ADHD Embrace from ADHD Richmond & Kingston, creating a new logo and also re-writing our website.

You may wonder if we are changing what we do as a result of our rebrand.  We want to let you know nothing will change in how we support you!  We do however want to share with you how we arrived at our rebranding. 

From our earliest days through to today, providing a community for families and professionals living and working with young people with ADHD has been at the heart of what we do.  As a result, we felt it was fitting that our branding reflected the community aspect together with the positivity and warmth of our community. 

We feel our new name signifies the togetherness we have as a community and also the warmth, positivity and inclusivity with which we treat young people with ADHD.  In creating our new logo, we wanted to identify the three constituents of our community – parents, professionals and the young people with ADHD themselves and the connection between all of us.  

We have re-written our website by re-organising the content and also updated it with fresh new content.  The revised website should enable you to find your way around more easily and should also make the wealth of information on it more accessible.  It also links with our booking system and Video Store, which we announced earlier in the year. 

A huge thank you to Integral London for their expert guidance and skill in helping us develop a great new brand. Integral have been a fantastic commercial partner.  We also feel privileged to have been supported in the project through some skilled volunteers that allowed us to deliver the rebranding in a hugely cost-efficient way.  .  A special thank you to Katie Pearson and Julia Kelly and also to Clair Sullivan and George Tate.     

We hope you like our new name and logo as much as we do! 

Best wishes

The ADHD Embrace Team