Help us engage with your Workplace!

Dear ADHD Embrace community,

Help us engage with your Workplace!

As an ADHD Embrace community member, you will know we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people with ADHD through the support we provide to families and professionals. We are experiencing increasing demand for our services and have seen our community grow by 50% in the last year. In order to be able to support our growing community, we have increased our cost base by 25% in the current year. To finance this increase we are looking to new groups who could potentially support us.

Today, we’re reaching out to you to ask your support in identifying businesses and corporates that could potentially support our work. Many corporates are increasingly engaging in philanthropy and are keen to support charitable causes in order to help bring about social and environmental change. Our ADHD Embrace community work for a wide range of organisations, where many are seeking charitable causes to support and often welcome nominations from employees.

Here’s How You Can Help:

1. Identify the Right Person at your workplace: Find out who at your workplace is responsible for corporate giving, community engagement, or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This could possibly be someone in the HR, Marketing, or a CSR department.

2. Make an introduction one of two ways:

a. Providing the details of the responsible person to us. Please email us at with the details of the lead person if you would like us to approach them. Also let us know if we may say that you suggested we contact them. We will then reach out to them directly.

b. Reach out to the responsible person yourself

Please provide an introduction of ADHD Embrace to the responsible person and say you would like to put us forward as a potential cause the company may wish to support. In that email we suggest you explain that you are part of the ADHD Embrace community and that we have supported your family and how valuable our services and support are to the community. We suggest you send our ADHD Embrace latest Annual Review and Impact Report. With regards to how businesses can support us, we have a summary overview of the types of ways they can engage with us here. If you do make an introduction directly, please let us know by sending us a copy of the email that you sent and also please keep us informed of any feedback you receive.

3. Next steps thereafter: Businesses who express an interest in our cause, we would welcome meeting with to explore ways in which they can be involved. We are happy to provide more details and tailor our proposal to align with your company’s values and goals.

Thank you for your continued support and for considering this request. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at